The Boston-based “chiller-punk” sounds of Kid/Astro are electrifying.  ”Cherokee #1,” the debut single from their upcoming album Disaster Sounds, ignites with a fiery romantic fervor.  Fuzzed-out guitar melodies snake in and around a pummeling tornado of cymbals and snare, all while simple yet powerful shout-a-long sentiments pine for the girl downstairs.

here’s portals’ premiere of our new single.
'disaster sounds' drops june 12th on seagreen records.
we’re so psyched to finally get this out !!

The Reel World: The Hiya Dunes


The Reel World is a new PORTALS feature that focuses on tape culture.  The series will discuss recent tape releases in an attempt to better understand this growing comeback of analog hiss.

First up is The Hiya Dunes, a New York 4-piece with an affinity for raucous seasick surf rock complete with sun-burnt guitar noodling and gruff vocal soul.  The Hiya Dunes’ debut release High Tide is a wonderful collection of nautically-inspired tales of love, loss, grief, and death.  The tape itself is exquisitely packaged with hand-made collage album art and lyric booklet.  High Tide is an old world adventure with the stage set on the treacherous open seas… listen to opener “Storms & Pipes” and read on for more details about the release from the band themselves.

The Hiya Dunes — “Storms & Pipes”

Hello there!  Would you guys mind introducing yourselves and telling us a little bit about The Hiya Dunes and how you met?

We are Eddie and Sean and Jeff and Goose.  Friends and friends of friends and bands collided over the years, and we all met each other pretty much in high school.  When we realized we’d all be going to SUNY Purchase together, we started playing music together.

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